International conferences are a great way to learn and connect with others in the impact space. There are far too many to detail in their entirety but the following list are some of the most well known, ordered starting with most recommended.

In addition to these collate a calendar of events – it is worth checking for any taking place in your region.

Worldwide Conferences

GIIN Investor Forum [Varies] [2 days] [€1895]

Net Impact Annual Conference [USA] [3 days] [$400]

EVPA Annual Conference [Varies] [2 days] [€1100]

UN Social Good Summit [Varies] [1 day]

Global Steering Group Impact Summit [Varies] [2 days] [£300]

PYXERA Global Engagement Forum [Washington] [2 days]

Yunus Global Social Business Summit [Varies] [€1290] [2 days]

Networking at Conferences

Conferences present a fantastic networking opportunity but it can be daunting approaching someone working in your dream job. The fear of saying the wrong thing, or making a bad impression can overwhelm your desire to learn from other professionals.

Thankfully Steve Dalton has a simple three-step framework to help guide the initial conversation when meeting someone at a conference: